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four creative magazines I love

I absolutely love magazines. I don't know why, but there's something magical about flicking through the pages of a beautifully designed magazine which pages of interesting, exciting and inspiring content.

I kind of went overboard and bought three to read and a friend bought me another, because I could not decide which one! The only trouble is they can be quite expensive, but I had a little bit of money that I wanted to spend on something I really liked, and I knew magazines would be great.

These ones are reads which I personally love, and they aren't all the same either. I would say they are brilliant for creative people, or if you want an inspiring read, or if you like beautiful photos. They aren't specifically a category, like fashion or history or nutrition, but what I find fantastic is that they combine all of those aspects into one magazine.
The Breathe Magazine
This is the first one which I bought. What drew me in was the topics it mentions on the cover, and thos…

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